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TimberMart-South is Hiring

TimberMart-South is now hiring a News Editor/Research Professional.

We are looking for someone with writing, editing, and/or journalism experience with excellent proofreading skills, strong interpersonal skills, and knowledge of software applications to edit and write TimberMart-South’s Market News Quarterly.

Familiarity with timber industry topics would be helpful, but not required. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to developing articles, case studies, new product/service offering descriptions, and website content updates.

If interested, please email resume and cover letter to tmart@timbermart-south.com.


    South-wide Stumpage Markets

    Pine timber prices generally increased in the 4th Quarter, as wintertime conditions led to some supply constraints and pushed prices upward.

    South-wide average stumpage prices increased for the major pine products but decreased for the major hardwood products in the 4th Quarter. The upward movement in pine prices was in line with seasonal norms, as prices have increased Q/Q in the 4th Quarter in 10 of the last 12 years for pine sawtimber and 16 of the last 18 years for pine pulpwood.

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    Stumpage Prices & Publications

    South-wide Average Stumpage Prices

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    State-wide Average Stumpage Prices

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    In the News 4Q2022

    Many manufacturers responded to slowing markets by curtailing production or taking holiday downtime. Timberland markets surged to the highest level since 2018.

    Pulp and paper as well as solid wood manufacturers reported slowing markets this quarter. However, new announcements included expansion plans and future growth.

    After a dry October, the South experienced relatively normal precipitation levels in November and December. However, November also brought fierce storms, including tornadoes to Texas and the western states as well as the Category 1 Hurricane Nicole which came ashore in eastern Florida on November 10th. Nicole was downgraded to a tropical storm as it traveled north through Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia, but brought heavy rainfall and needed drought relief. December brought severe weather, as well, with thunderstorms and tornadoes most severe in Louisiana and Mississippi.

    Wildfire burned 7.53 million acres nationwide in 2022, with roughly 1.04 million acres burned in the South. Acres burned in the South were the highest since 2017, with heat and drought producing an extraordinary fire season in nearly every southeastern state.

    Market Indicators

    - Softwood lumber prices declined further in the 4th Quarter and are down more than 60% since March.

    - Southern Plywood and Southern OSB prices both declined further this quarter.

    - Despite challenging economic conditions, US residential building construction, a principal driver of the wood products industry, has held strong in 2022. Housing starts YTD-November were the second highest for this period since 2006 while improvement expenditures YTD-November, the latest available, were the highest on record for this period.